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introduction Edit

BES pavilion is a service space for an open community, focusing on the aspects of art and culture. Located in the central Ha Tinh city, BES (Bamboo + Earth + Stone) is set up from local materials and traditional building methods which based on the idea of centralizing the users.

The cluster includes a various of separated spaces which were arranged freely around the center courtyard in order to create a numerous of views as well as the interaction of light and shadow. Those will help to erase the bound between inside and outside space.

The building’s users will have a great chance to approach and to be educated from the functions and effects of the building toward the nature and local community. The best way to learn is to do it! Joining in the building process to create their own specific space is an effective practicing condition. The solutions of the pavilion’s design themselves become some useful lesions: Aerodynamics (ventilation), Physics (light diffusion), Biology (photosynthesis, planting)…Those will help to direct the users’ behaviors in the future – for a greener living environment.

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materials and building techniques Edit

The North and the Central have been characterized with tropical monsoon. Materials (Earth & Bamboo) available in the locality have been used to ensure their adaptability with the local climate.The structure uses bamboo, earth and stone.
Bamboos commonly found in the North and the Central of Vietnam and available in the locality have been used.They have been selected according to their similar size and shape.

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Project details
Project name: BES Pavilion
Description: BES pavilion is a service space for an open community, focusing
Category: meeting place
Design: H&P architects
Consultants: HPA Vietnam jsc
Building status: in use
Location: Ha Tinh city, Vietnam
Coordinates: 18°21'21.4'' N, 105°53'15.9'' E
Tags: bamboo, earth, stone, community, urban renewal
Project ID: 733
Published: 18 March 2017
Last updated: 3 December 2019
(images have individual licenses)
CC Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike
CC Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike
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