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The 2022 Global Challenge is closed for submissions.
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Our annual Global Challenge identifies and showcases the most impactful, inclusive and sustainable architectural projects worldwide, and accelerates their development. 

It does this by connecting self-build communities with A--D's global network of 60,000+ architectural professionals, and blue chip partners and sponsors.

Submissions are welcomed from early-phase architectural projects with the radical potential to improve the lives of rural and urban communities.

Why enter #GC2022?
"Finance, Network, Project Development & Recognition"

We asked our 2021 Global Challenge project leaders and board of experts where the GC accelerator had contributed the most value.

Watch the video and find out what they said! 

#GC2021 Finalists
2021 finalist
A School Built By the People, For The People
Jorhat, India
2021 finalist
Taller Tropical Moravia 2.0
Medellín, Colombia
2021 finalist
 meeting place
Community Kickstarter: Ger District Viewing Deck
2021 finalist
Rebuilding the Haadibadi Community library
Bengaluru City, India
2021 finalist
 agriculture & fisheries
Cocina CoLaboratorio
Ejido Loma Bonita, Mexico
2021 finalist
Jaraguá 160
São Paulo, Brazil
#GC2022 Partners


Thanks to the support of our #GC2022 Partners, we're accelerating the development of sustainable and inclusive self-build architectural projects worldwide.

#GC2022 Sponsors


This year, we are looking for six sponsors to sustainably improve the lives of communities living on the frontlines of some of today's most pressing social and environmental emergencies.

Global Challenge FAQs
What is Architecture-in-Development (A--D)?

Architecture-in-Development (A--D) is a Dutch not-for-profit active in more than 80 countries. We connect local self-build community projects with our global network of 60,000+ architectural professionals, and the resources contributed by our partners, sponsors and donors.

Click here to read more about A--D

What is the Global Challenge?
The Global Challenge is an annual competition and accelerator program, organised by A--D. The challenge identifies and showcases the most impactful inclusive and sustainable architectural projects around the world, and helps accelerate their development.
By participating, community teams gain access to our network support and partners, while participating professionals gain deeper knowledge, insight and practical experience in sustainable development and inclusive Do-it-Together architectural practices.
Why do we need the Global Challenge?

Today, 90% of the world’s architects serve only 10% of the world’s population. Those living on the frontlines of some of our most pressing social and environmental emergencies are hugely underserved.

What’s the end goal of the Global Challenge?

The Global Challenge helps us develop and promote a more inclusive and sustainable way of thinking about and practicing architecture. We call it 'Do-it-Together' (DiT). And it has the radical potential to improve the lives of rural and/or urban communities everywhere.

How does the Global Challenge help self-build communities?

The Global Challenge helps accelerate the development of self-build community projects worldwide. It gives them a voice, a global stage, and connects them with much-needed expertise and resources.

What types of projects are there in the Global Challenge?

The challenge focuses on collective spaces for community learning and living; working spaces such as schools, libraries; and meeting places, community centres, and more. Here are some great examples.

How does the challenge help architects?

By participating, architects develop valuable skills and experiences in sustainable development. They discover a more inclusive and empathic way of thinking about and practicing architecture. They also gain the support (and often friendship) of like-minded professionals working on the frontlines of some of today’s most pressing social and environmental emergencies. You can register here.

Why should I sponsor or partner with the Global Challenge?

If you want to meet your environmental or social targets, or contribute to United Nations’ Sustainable Development goals, then sponsoring or partnering with us is a very tangible and direct way of doing it.

When does the Global Challenge take place?

The Global Challenge runs from October each year, through to June in the following year.

How do I submit a project?
How do I join the A--D network?

You can join us here. We’d love to have you own board!

Can I personally donate to the Global Challenge?

Yes, you can. Either donate using our secure form, or contact us if you'd like to donate to a specific project. To give you an idea of the types of projects we support, here are the 2021 Global Challenge finalists.

#GC2022 Ambassadors