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Canteiro Móvel | Mobile Hands-on
Botucatu, Brazil
image: Bianca Collin Leopoldino | © all rights reserved
Botucatu, Brazil
under construction
11 January 2023
The Canteiro Móvel (Mobile hands-on) is a pedagogical device and social/territorial instrument that takes collaborative architecture experiences, based on “Design/Build”, “Service Learning” programs. 

It aims the architecture democratization by getting togheter architects, builders, students and community to promote the knowledge exchanging, an itinerant school of architecture, with appropriate technologies, collaborating with a culture change.
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The IDE Association, a NGO located in Botucatu, is where the Mobile Site has made its first stop.
At first, the institution has caught our attention through its social media and website. There 90 students are assisted, their families, local community, people from the lower middle class, in many cases, in a social vulnerability, besides 10 employees and 19 volunteers.
Our first visit was to know if the publications matched with the reality, its history and surroundings, also to meet people, work done and physical structure.
They are aligned with environmental education, consistently ecology approaching, art, physical education, languages classes, assistance to families, including psychological support. The space needs to be expanded.
Two very important social housing programs (Metropolitan Housing Company of São Paulo), are nearby, where most of the assisted reside - CDHU (Housing and Urban program Company of the State of São Paulo) and Cohab V (Metropolitan Company of São Paulo). 
About its history, as located close to these popular housing, the city hall had destined the site to constitute a community center. Due to bad management, it was abandoned and occupied by drug dealers, becaming dangerous.
IDE has started a partnership with the city hall and today carries out a great social work. As architecture services are absent there, we are bringing "Circo-lô" to be constructed collectively in a serious and engaged institution, so that participatory processes could be consolidated.

Strategic location, between two green areas

image: Henrique Pinheiro | © all rights reserved
The space is being constructed by the Canteiro Móvel and its team, called "Circo-lô", shoud be able to receive more students, community in open classes or events and different kind of activities, such as pedagogical, artistic, cultural, so the use is gonna be permanent and the future needs should be resolved by the users atonomously.
By observing the surroundings, the landscape and its dynamics, we identified that its location is strategic, besides nearly the housing programs and powerful as a urban connection between two peripheral squares in Botucatu, located in different levels, being the IDE site at an intermediate level between them. 
Today, the main access is through the lower level, whose square is tree-lined and has benches. The second square on the upper level is arid and desolate, whose access gates are used only for service, resulting in no thermal comfort and less security.
Consisting of two floors in a cylindrical shape, Circo-lô is a simple and light bamboo structure, whose ground floor will be a multifunctional space and the second floor will be a library and have an access walkway to the second square.
In the IDE's yard children are used to spend a lot of time playing under a strong sun or cannot use it when bad weather cames. 
Thus, Circo-lô presents more functions: integration between green areas, urban flows facilitation, shelter, shade, protection evidencing its importance not only locally, but in the urban tracing. 
Its maintenance will be simple so that it can be self-managed by the community, contributing to collective autonomy and strengthening networks
Core team
The urbanist architects from the collaborative office Sem Muros Arquitetura Integrada launched the project for the Canteiro Móvel (Mobile Site).
For the construction of Circo-lô, design and work were collaborative, based on workshops with children, employees and family members. The initial project study tried to reconcile the wishes, adjustments were made according to feedback from the community and later more adjustments with the team of builders. The bamboo constructors coordinated the construction, with the participation of the architects, IDE community and volunteers.
The project/work remains open with new definitions each moment, so that the paths are consistent with the available resources, optimizing construction methods.

Architects of Sem Muros Integrated Architecture - @sem_muros:
Ana Beatriz  Giovani, Bianca Leopoldino, Cassia  Yebra, Cassio Abuno, Flavia Burcatovsky , Henrique Pinheiro , Tomaz Lotufo

Bamboo workers: Brendo Henrique Simão  , Carolina Vicentin , Pedro Aquino Burgos , Marcel Alonso ; General construction worker - Irão

IDE : Thiago Bertolotto, Luiza Camila Marcondes, Natalina Paixão, Débora P. Caetano, Rose and Grazi

Volunteers: Denise Covassin, André Arruda, Carolina Marques, Mariana Cintra Elias, students (Marina, Julia, Guilherme, Julia and Maria Eduarda), Lucas Vicentin, Gabriel, Daniel

Children: Martim, Lina, Agata, Vivi

Official records: Lara Chang
Team of architectures, constructures, community and volunteers

image: André Arruda | © all rights reserved
Image gallery
First dinamics in the Association IDE to first approximation

image: Tomaz Lotufo | © all rights reserved
Children studying the site and discussing desires and needs

image: public domain
physical modelling

image: public domain
physical modelling apresentation

image: public domain
render image 1

image: Henrique Pinheiro | © all rights reserved
render image 2 - superior access

image: Henrique Pinheiro | © all rights reserved
Discussion on the physical model

image: Thiago Bertolotto | © all rights reserved
Bench over foundation, build with reused local rubble

image: Thiago Bertolotto | © all rights reserved
Principal roof structure prepared

image: Tomaz Lotufo | © all rights reserved
Surrondings and hands-on

image: Henrique Pinheiro | © all rights reserved
Vertical structure

image: Henrique Pinheiro | © all rights reserved
Children, educators and employee's coral in a presentation to the constructors team.

image: Tomaz Lotufo | © all rights reserved
Working on the top

image: Tomaz Lotufo | © all rights reserved
Strong female presence

image: Tomaz Lotufo | © all rights reserved
Srong female presence

image: Tomaz Lotufo | © all rights reserved
Top view perspective

image: Henrique Pinheiro | © all rights reserved

image: Henrique Pinheiro | © all rights reserved
Policarbonate to closures

image: Henrique Pinheiro | © all rights reserved
Denise Covassin's drawings

image: Bianca Leopoldino | © all rights reserved

image: Thiago Bertaloto | © all rights reserved
Technical drawings
Simple technical drawings to share with everybody

image: Ana Beatriz Giovani | © all rights reserved
Simple technical section

image: public domain

image: Henrique Pinheiro | © all rights reserved
Help bring our project to life!

There are no updates yet.

Help bring our project to life!
Where are we now
Sem Muros had €4.400,00 to invest and IDE, €1.600,00.
With this amount we did the foundation, bench with reused local rubble, bamboo for the structure and closures (not done yet) and part of thermal metalic roof tile and human resources.
Now, the amount left is €1.100,00, insufficient for the next stages:

Tile on the top for chimney effect €210,00

2° floor's structure beam €340,00

Burnt cement on groun floor €439,00

Library wood floor €525,40

Frames for closures €490,00

Policarbonate with bamboo brise (already bought) €990,00

Wood cover lining €330,00

Trough €263,00

Walkway structure, wood floor and metalic railing €1.770,00

Hands-on costs 480,00

Tools €263,0

Total 6.100,00 - 1.100,00 =  €5.000,00
An indication of our team’s capacity:
45% funding already raised
100% expertise already found
55% materials / equipment already found
100% builders already found
Finance: € 8,300
The €5.000,00 allows the first step's conclusion, which is the Circo-lô’s construction. 
The second step is to work on the external area through permacultural design so that the building and its surroundings can be aligned to permaculture’s principles. 
For that we need €8.300,00 as extra fundings to accomplish this next step, so the whole project can be completed. 
To set up an effective collective work, workshops and joint effort will be planned with the community, focusing on waste management, food production, green infrastructure to achieve ecosystem services suited to the environmental context and promoting a positive social impact, also counting on equipment that favor meetings.
  • Grandstand construction
  • Rain garden
  • Thermal landscape around the Circo-lô
  • Agroecological backyard complementing
  • Playground built with natural or reused materials
  • Soil painting on panels or boundary walls
  • Pizza oven build
  • Benches built with natural or reused materials

We need comited people to join the team, project and construction..
Preferably each volunteer should be constant, regular so that it can be learned and replicated.

Besides, provide food and accommodation

Flavia (Sem Muros) e Denise (volunteer)

image: Tomaz Lotufo | © all rights reserved
Help bring our project to life!
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