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Become a 2022 Global Challenge sponsor

We're looking for six sponsors to contribute €5.000 each, and help sustainably improve the lives of communities on the frontlines of today's social and environmental emergencies.


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Our Global Challenge accelerates the development of self-build architectural projects that improve the lives of underserved communities worldwide. 

50% of your sponsorship will go to a specific project, carefully selected for its  contribution towards environmental and social (ESG) needs, and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

50% goes to improving the reach of our Global Challenge, and building out the capacity of our global network, which is volunteer-run.

Together, we’re building a world in which architecture serves the needs of many — not just a privileged few.

#GC2021 finalists
2021 finalist
 meeting place
Community Kickstarter: Ger District Viewing Deck
2021 finalist
Jaraguá 160
São Paulo, Brazil
2021 finalist
Taller Tropical Moravia 2.0
Medellín, Colombia
2021 finalist
A School Built By the People, For The People
Jorhat, India
2021 finalist
Rebuilding the Haadibadi Community library
Bengaluru City, India
2021 finalist
 agriculture & fisheries
Cocina CoLaboratorio
Ejido Loma Bonita, Mexico
#GC2022 Sponsors


By sponsoring #GC2022 you can sustainably improve the lives of a community living on the frontlines of some of today's most pressing social and environmental emergencies.

#GC2022 Partners


Thanks to the support of our #GC2022 Partners, we're accelerating the development of sustainable and inclusive self-build architectural projects worldwide.

What they say about us
  • “Architecture-in-Development brings the energy together to foster an architecture of collaboration, bringing together expertise, networks, concrete aspirations for a better world. ”
    Ole Bouman
    Design Society, founding director
  • “ Wonderful mission and vision. Great recruitment of projects and fascinating array of geographies and ideas presented. This clearly shows the dedication and outreach of A--D and its grassroot representation in-country, which is critical to the quality and success of the projects ”
    Kira Intrapor
    Aka Khan Agency for Habitat
  • “It takes many generations to make people think differently about the way we build. Keep on going!”
    Cameron Sinclair
    Co-founder, Worldchanging Ventures
  • “Architecture in Development has opened a door to new processes, new ways of seeing things and making connections. ”
    David Basulto
    Archdaily, founding director
  • “Architecture in Development has brought together so many designers and architects through shared values and the motivation to learn from each other to be able to create more inclusive communities.”
    Swati Janu
    Swati Janu, team leader of Modskool, finalist Global Challenge 2016
  • “Architecture in Development creates an incredible network of people around the world to inspire, connect and share ideas. Support them in facilitating architecture that matters!”
    Laura Katharina Strähle
    Initiator and project architect of Okana Center For Change, Kenya
Success stories
2021 Global Challenge: demonstrating Do-it-Together architecture practices

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