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introduction Edit

Located in the province of El Oro, Ecuador, the house was constructed in 10 days in the month of May 2016. This project seeks to create a new kernel within the community by reactivating the area; architecture may be the catalyst that fosters a transformation that surpasses anxiety and uncertainty.

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technical drawings Edit

cultural and social context Edit

Located in the province of El Oro, Ecuador, the village of Chacras is plagued of historical references due to its proximity to Peru (Manuela Saenz lived here, she was the companion of Simon Bolivar, The Liberator). After losing his house to the earthquake, Don Velfor and his family moved here, they share a 12-10 mts plot with Mami-Itzi- his mother in law-.
Natura Futura Arquitectura and Cronopios El Oro – a culture collective- developed this project last May 2016. Cristhian Bravo- a member of Cronopios- describes the planning in three phases: first, coordinating activities in the community; second, socializing the prototype; third, obtaining resources and materials and building the unknit. After developing an emergent design, they sent a call for volunteers and materials through the local press, digital media and word of mouth. The coming volunteers were trained in various tasks that would contribute to the realization of the project.

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materials and building techniques Edit

Once the foundations were built of concrete and bricks, the house was structured in modules built of pallets made of pinewood -generally used to carry loads of -. Sticks and strips of wood were used as structural support. The window cases were constructed with semi-hard wood and the strips of recycled waste; this pattern creates a very particular light sieve inside the house. The lower windows can act as small doors for the children, while the main door articulates the kitchen with the main platform therefore amplifying the space. This is a fluid and ludic space that integrates various elements such as wooden fruit boxes -as kitchen shelves- and old tires -as pots in the garden-. Finally, zinc sheets were used for the roof, its shape protects the house from the rain while it keeps it shaded.

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earth and climate Edit

Arenillas is located 15asl. Its climate varies between tropical-wet in the lower areas and tropical- dry in the mountain range; its temperature fluctuates between 18ºC to 30ºC


Project details
Project name: Project Chacras; Pop up Productive Housing
Description: A catalyst for social transformation within the community.
Category: housing
Design: Natura Futura Arquitectura + Cronopios Cultural
Building status: in use
Construction period: 2016
Location: Arenillas, Ecuador
Coordinates: 3°31'6.4'' S, 80°7'54.1'' W
Tags: recycled recources, community, development cooperation, low budget, vernacular
Project ID: 591
Published: 8 July 2016
Last updated: 4 October 2016
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CC Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike
CC Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike
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