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Why should you write to Architecture In Development?

Architecture In Development (AiD) is a platform for anyone, anywhere to publish case studies and articles that focus on the people - instead of the icons.

Today, AiD is one of the most relevant websites dedicating to the practice of sustainable development. Publishing your writings on our website means connecting to a global network of thinkers and doers who are shifting the current status quo of architecture, towards a more socially and culturally relevant practice.

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What can you gain from this experience?

AiD believes that your contributed writings can inspire architects and architectural enthusiasts to look beyond the current design practice and to discover the other challenges, needs and opportunities of various societies and communities of the world.

By writing articles or case studies to us, you will:

- develop analytical and research skills;
- truly understand the key issues in sustainable development;
- develop a critical position in your future practice;
- reach a global audience of 20,000+ people.

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Before you are going to write, make sure that you check the following points:

1. What are AiD's selection criteria for a case study/ article? What subjects is AiD looking for?

We publish articles and case studies that have a 'contextual richness'. Contextual richness indicates that a story is able to explain the purpose of a building initiative, the people/community and their contexts that give birth to a building act.

We do not have a formal selection criteria, nor do we publish trendy projects that present architecture as a commodity. AiD is looking for down-to-earth thinkers and writers to tell about the process, approaches and strategies of architecture that responds to the communities affected by poverty & unemployment, armed conflicts, rapid urbanization or natural-manmade disasters.

2. What are the skills/ approaches in writing articles or case studies for AiD?

- research: finding and analyzing the relevant information online;
- analyze: raising relevant questions and finding answers about the purpose, the cultural-social, economic-political, technical and climate-environmental aspects of a building initiative;
- interview: finding and interviewing the relevant stakeholders to understand the above mentioned aspects.
- write: it can be a story telling about a community, reality-check of a building process or export of an existing architectural/ urban phenomenon. Just remember: you are going to tell a story that everyone can understand - please avoid too theoretical, academic and scientific writing styles.

3. Would you accept also co-writing projects?

Our website allows up to 5 authors to edit a project story; though only the main author can add other authors to the editing board.


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