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by Architecture-in-Development, 19 October 2023
The Do-It-Together Annual Symposium
This inaugural edition will take place at the University of Sheffield on November 14, 2023
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The image in the poster shows the construction process of Chamanga Cultural Center ©Hochschule München + Atarraya Taller de Arquitectura

This event will take place at Arts Tower (Basement) LT 04, University of Sheffield (view on map).

You can also join us online >> register here.

Globally, across the many worlds, an increasing number of architects and urban designers are challenging “business-as-usual” and bringing change to populations who formerly had no access to their professional services. Working with concerned communities, these practices are operating “otherwise” to bring professional services to a wider array of citizens and concerns, using an equally wider array of material, technical, financial and social innovations. This symposium, a collaboration between Architecture in Development and the University of Sheffield School of Architecture, is the inaugural edition to focus on such practices which are moving beyond transactional client relations into more profound, trust-based collaborations – perhaps best described as 'doing-it-together' (Sennett 2013). 

As the world grapples with the challenges of the Anthropocene – a deepening crisis of global climate, public health and inequity, marginalised communities and citizens directly impacted by these crises often take the lead in local adaptations. They are, however, searching for more sustainable solutions and transformative change. At the same time, design professionals are also actively seeking to support such communities on the frontlines, actively contributing to their ongoing efforts. It is at the intersection of these two groups - communities and professionals - that we see the emergence of Do-it-Together (DiT) practices, which we aim to consolidate as a movement towards a pluriversal, just transition (Escobar 2017).

This symposium both showcases projects that exemplify the essence of the Do-It-Together (DiT) movement and critically engages with it, therefore bringing together a much-needed conversation between praxis and academia. It highlights projects where architects and urban designers immerse themselves within communities, humbly learning from their local wisdom and knowledge to co-create truly sustainable solutions.

This powerful exchange of ideas and expertise not only fosters mutual learning but also empowers communities to lead their development journey on their own terms. The symposium will unveil how architects are redefining their roles and how architecture can respond to the crisis of the Anthropocene.

Schedule of events:

10:00 AM - Introduction
10:10 AM - Practice 1 [Fundación Oasis Urbano, DE+CO]
10:25 AM - Practice 2 [Terre à terre,  IT+MA]
10:40 AM - Practice 3 [Condition Lab, HK+CN+KE]
10:55 AM - Reflections & Discussion

11:20 BREAK

11:30AM - Introduction to Session 2
11:35 AM - Practice 4 [KAKR BULUH AWAR, ID]
11:50 AM - Practice 5 [Cocina Colaboratorio, MX]
12:05 PM - Practice 6 [Espacio Común, PE]
12:20 PM - Reflections, Discussion and Q&A

12:55 PM - Closing Statement

The panelists:
Beatrice de Carli | Doina Petrescu | Emre Akbil | Samuel Bravo
| Chang-Fang Luo | Rob Breed

The chair:
Tanzil Shafique | Esra Can