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Architecture is always in development as a social practice. Today, 90% of architects serve only the richest 10% of the global population. We see a world in which architecture serves many — not just a privileged few.
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About A--D

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Donate your talents and skills to self-build community projects in need in rural and urban areas.

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‘Do-it-Together’ in practice
  • best practices
    The Chamanga Cultural Center, Ecuador

    After the earthquake in April 2016, local residents, civil society organizations and academia collaborated to rebuild this Afro-Ecuadorian cultural house in San Jose de Chamanga.

  • best practices
    De Ceuvel, the Netherlands

    De Ceuvel is a clean tech playground located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Converted from an industrial wasteland, today it is home to a thriving community of entrepreneurs and artists.

  • best practices
    El Tr3bol, Bogotá, Colombia

    In an informal settlement in Bogotá, local community and experts have collaborated to revive a community gathering place, El Tr3bol, that has become a vibrant community hub.

  • best practices
    Granby 4 Streets, UK

    After several decades of top-down planning to regenerate this run-down neighborhood in Liverpool, it was a bottom-up approach led by the local residents that made the difference.

  • best practices
    ModSkool, India | finalist of 2016 Global Challenge

    In one of Delhi’s slums, local community activists, leaders, architects have joined forces to build back a school that responds to future evacuations and climate conditions.

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Our annual Global Challenge identifies and showcases the most impactful, inclusive and sustainable architectural projects worldwide, and accelerates their development.
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