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Suhailey Farzana
Goals and motivations
As an architect, it has always been a search for me that how can I be useful to more people specially who cannot afford to get architects' services? This search has helped me to be on the way where I am now. Living in Jhenaidah, a secondary town in Bangladesh has unlocked lots of opportunities of working with people. Here, I don't work alone. We work together- the other community architects, communities, different groups, city authorities, children, women, elderly etc. I represent Co.Creation.Architects (CCA), a humble practice in Jhenaidah city which was co-founded with Architect Khondaker Hasibul Kabir. CCA works in Jhenaidah with low-income community network for housing, community spaces, food production, cooperative craft business, and with citizens to co-design the city. The goal is to reach people with architecture and explore what architecture can do. The process of co-creation is quite powerful to believe in. People are empowered who are not often taken into the planning and designing process by bringing out a solution from the ground and implementing it together. Here the role of an architect is more like an animator who facilitates the process and organize people's dream and aspiration. Using architecture as an empowering tool motivates me to co-create with people and cherish the work I do in a team. 
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25 July 2021
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3 September 2021
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architecture/ design, hands-on
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 urban planning
Let's co-create our city: Jhenaidah
Jhenaidah, Bangladesh
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