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Manasa Achar
Goals and motivations
A licensed (COA) architect and a recent graduate specializing in Heritage Conservation. During my Master’s in Conservation Studies at the University of York I developed a deep interest in the adaptive reuse of heritage structures, which I passionately explored in my final dissertation. Having a background in both Architecture & Heritage Conservation has further allowed me to see DESIGN as an important tool and form of communication in developing ideas which can be transformed into actionable plans. I am highly interested in the creative ways of looking at design problems from different perspectives.
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Member since:
16 March 2022
Last login:
5 February 2024
English, Hindi
Fields of expertise:
architecture/ design, renovation and rehabilitation, sustainability , construction, hands-on, history, archeology
Available for:
Hands, Design, Technique
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GC2021 finalist
Rebuilding the Haadibadi Community library
Bengaluru City, India
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