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Naeera Ali And Anna Lukose
Goals and motivations
I, Naeera Ali am an Architect and a graduate student from the Rhode Island School of Design. I have worked in New York and India for four years. My master’s thesis which was on reusing a mansion in Dhaka and developing a long-term solution for refugee education for women was awarded the outstanding thesis and was nominated for the Dutch design week at Eindhoven. I am deeply passionate about applying my design skills towards making cultural and civic contributions to my community. This year I collaborated with a friend to redesign an old tea stall in my hometown in India. As part of an independent study course at RISD, I designed and installed three interpretive signage boards in a historic 14th century mosque in my hometown.
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2 July 2021
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9 September 2021
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architecture/ design, history
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Hands, Design
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 urban planning
Re-imagining tea carts in Calicut, India
Calicut, India
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