Torre de David
Monday 20 October 2014
*contributed by Joost de Bont & Monica Velasco (visit profile page)

To those unaware of its history, the Centro Financiero Confinanzas looks like any other unfinished skyscraper, located in the financial district of Venezuela's capital. Over the last 20 years, it has been vacant, then became home to more than a thousand families - who are now being evacuated. Read the case study >

Participatory Design in kampung upgrading
Saturday 11 October 2014
*contributed by Muhammad Kamil

In the scenario of participatory design, architects no longer work just as designers, but also as grassroots facilitators. They thrive on the complexity of kampung conditions, self-consciously avoiding previous governments' methods that involve eviction and the relocation of residents to high-rise towers. Reported by Muhammad Kamil from Indonesia.

CRITICAL DESIGN Practice: reshape Cambodia's urban design in development
Friday 3 October 2014
*contributed by Jennifer Cirne

The pedagogical approach of critical design within the studio BUDD and specifically how it's played out within the fieldtrip project addresses design challenges from the perspective of the community and offers the possibility to work holistically on real life challenges and contradictions. Reported by Jennifer Cirne.

11 books that have inspired Architecture In Development
Monday 22 September 2014
*contributed by Architecture in Development

We have been inviting our insightful members, collaborators and partners to recommend books to our online bookstore - must-read, practical, thought-provoking books to learn about the history and to inspire the future of sustainable community practice

Why housing the poor is not solving poverty
Thursday 18 September 2014
*contributed by Shareen Elnaschie (visit profile page)

A community in Manila, where many suffer from depression, reminds us that architecture is only part of the solution to creating healthy, sustainable communities and that we mustn't forget the invisible systems. Reported by Shareen Elnaschie of DRRlab.


10 examples to learn about the next generation architecture
Monday 8 September 2014
*contributed by Changfang Luo (visit profile page)

image courtesy of Archintorno

Today's architectural discourses are increasingly questioning the status quo of the current design and planning practice, and the role of designers and planners. So how should we then move forward and transcend the current modes of thinking? As architects, planners, and global citizens, what are the ways we can make improvements to the social, economic and environmental challenges with respect to local culture, climate and economy?

Redesigning the practice of architecture to reach the 95%
Tuesday 2 September 2014
*contributed by Enoch Sears

"Develop prototypical solutions that can be adapted by local communities in very different clients and very different cultures to meet their needs. It's customizable by local communities, but it's available to the masses." - an interview with Thomas Fisher, a Professor of Architecture and the Dean of the College of Design at the University of Minnesota

Practicing social design: Lab.Pro.Fab
Wednesday 13 August 2014
*contributed by Alan Kadduri (visit profile page)

"The level of innovation and civic engagement in South America continues to surprise me, or should I say impress me, since the continent is full of great initiatives, which has received far too little attention and recognition in my part of the world", an elaborated case study about the Venezuelan practice LAB.PRO.FAB (Project and Fabrication Laboratory) and their socio-cultural architectural practice. Reported by Alan Kadduri.


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