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An experimental brick dome for rural communities.

image: Federico Cairoli | © all rights reserved
emergency shelter
in use
Ramiro Alexander Meyer Cáceres
17 November 2015

'Catenarius' is a shelter designed for rural communities. It invites us to question the consumerist model city and presents an alternative, betting appropriate technology.

In rural areas it is common to see the Koty Guasu (large room) with two sub parts on the sides. This large room, 'Kulata Jovai', is the main domestic area involving daily activities such as cooking, eating and relaxation.

It is no coincidence that in the house of the grandparents, who lives inside the country, use the 'Kulata Jovai' to spend most of the day. It is because it is the place where there is more shade and cool winds. This vernacular form of living has inspired many architecture, including this project.

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