Kariakoo Market
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
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Market building in the Kariakoo area

image: Joep Mol / ArchiAfrika | CC-BY_black.png some rights reserved
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Beda Amuli
3 December 2019

The Kariakoo market is the commercial centre of Dar es Salaam. It forms the core of the Kariakoo area in the city and one can practically buy everything there.

The structure resembles a set of trees, which provide shade for the market. the roof is realised as a set of funnels, collecting rainwater in underground tanks. A ingenious logistic scheme was developed for distribution and delivery of goods. The building since it realisation functioned as a magnet, attracting much more trade than the market is providing space for, so trade is overflowing the vicinity since.

This project was studied by students from ARDHI University (Dar es Salaam), KU Leuven, Eindhoven and Delft Universities during the workshop 'Modern Architecture in Tanzania around Independence', which took place in July 2005 in Dar es Salaam.

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