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introduction Edit

The project is located in Msitu Wa Tembo, a small and rural village in the Manyara region, about 40 km from Moshi, In Tanzania. The site is about 1km from Msitu Wa Tembo bus station, easily accessible from the main road. Also close to a mosque, a church, a Massai market and one of our own GroundWork projects, a wholesale shop Kazi Na Sala. The building is about 40m² and made to welcome a bike shop. In this environment, there is a huge lack of water. According to this program, the building technique was developed. 

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the core team Edit

Our team was consisted of architects and a project leader, which are part of C-re-aid; and local craftsmen we are used to work with. 

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what is still needed and why Edit
Design input:

The technique should be evaluated, tested and improved in order to be able to create more social building in this area with the technique. 

Funding support:

Funding will be needed in order to improve and promote this technique. Following projects with this technique will be funded by partner organisations, C-re-aid NGO or external funding like applicable here.


The first thing we would like to get through this competition, is some advice from experts to improve our techniques, and maybe a small amount for evaluations and those building technique's improvements. 


In order to improve our work (our NGO and our architectural vision and goals) we would like some promotion. This would allow us to get new partners and benefit from donations. By this, our NGO can grow further and touch even more people and communities.

impact Edit

The project we are presenting is in partnership with TATU another NGO working in Msitu Wa Tembo, and Global bike. The project is meant to inspire the community members with this new and specific building technique that uses almost no water. The goals of C-re-aid NGO is that people are creatively inspired by the building and feel the need to learn more about the technique. 

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Project details
Project name: Bike Shop
Description: The bike shop project is a C-re-aid work, initiated by two other
Category: work & business
Design: Samantha welby
Consultants: Freya Candel
Building status: proposal (Buildify submission)
Construction period: finished 09/06/2016
Needs: design input, funding support, advice, promotion
Location: Msitu Wa Tembo, Tanzania
Coordinates: 3°22'27'' S, 37°21'48'' E
Tags: cli­mate, community, local resources, low budget, stone
Project ID: 636
Published: 19 September 2016
Last updated: 12 October 2016
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CC Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike
CC Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike
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