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introduction Edit

In 2014 TUgende started the project with the Ugandan NGO KYDA, Kawempe Youth Development Association, that takes care of street children in the slum of Kawempe, Kampala.
The association lacks adequate dorms to accomodate children at night and the collaboration between KYDA and TUgende was born out of this necessity.

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the core team Edit

TUgende is a team of four young architects, graduated at Politecnico di Milano and we all had international studying experiences. We also share a renewed interest for an ethical basis of Architecture together with a rediscovery of semplicity through respect of local buildings and traditions of the different contexts.
Both out of passion and a little by chance we found ourselves together in Kampala where our adventure started. An adventure that found in architectural design a starting point to reflect on the meaning of architecture and the role of the architect planner in contexts that we like to call “Elsewhere”, places where architecture becomes necessary.

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what is still needed and why Edit
Funding support:

We still don’t have all the necessary funds we need for the construction of the dormitory. We are currently looking for sponsors, participating to announcement of competition and about to start a crowdfunding campaign.
TUgende and KYDA are now concentrating on the priority step wich is the building of the dorms.
TUgende has already raised some funds from Christmas parties that sponsored KYDA’s project with street children. The remaning amount was put in the TUgende and KYDA's bank account. The missing amount is about 20000 euros.
We also partecipated in a University Competition last year wich saw us in the second position, unluckily without any reward.


TUgende has already got a website, a blog that tells about the workshop experience we had in March 2014 and it is also on Facebook.
We still need some help to make the project known to the largest number of people.
We are still looking for support from anyone sensitive enought to be part of the project.


impact Edit

The street children phenomenon in Kampala with its sprawling suburbs is almost unrestrainable. According to a UNICEF paper there are 6000 street children with 16 new children joining the street everyday.
They are a segment of population that includes children and teenagers between the age of 6 and 15.
As they do not have the opportunity of improving their living conditions, poverty is passed down from generation to generation creating a vicious circle difficult to eliminate.
The reasons that cause children to live in the street are several. They are victims of drug abuse, sexual exploitation, harassment and considered as outcasts by members of the community. On top of it they are considered dangerous and a burden to the society.

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Project details
Project name: My mango home
Description: Temporary home for street children
Category: housing
Design: TUgende
Consultants: Arch. Emilia Costa Professor of Politecnico di Milano. Eng. Paolo Vegezzi.
Building status: proposal (Buildify submission)
Construction period: January - July 2017.
Needs: funding support, promotion
Location: Kampala, Uganda
Coordinates: 0°22'53.3'' N, 32°33'9'' E
Tags: bricks, community practice, development cooperation, participation, informal settlement
Project ID: 631
Published: 19 September 2016
Last updated: 12 October 2016
(images have individual licenses)
CC Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike
CC Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike
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