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introduction Edit

Time is whom builds this one
A lost place, a real place.
There is always an open way It is a family work, a personal option, a life story
This Project belongs to ground.
Only the inside of the hill was transformed by man’s hand
The ancient gallery was already there. It was always there.
This project thinks about how to define a sensations sequence.
Like a mouth that swallows the visitor and takes one to its insides
Day by day… The dryness of the place, the crudeness of the stations its transform into rugosity.
There was no exact plan. It was an intuitive work yet a hard process.
It was an experimental labor.
A heavy, firm and deep material, marked by pressure of the weather and time.

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image gallery Edit

technical drawings Edit

cultural and social context Edit

We are certainly describing an unusual location; places like Moratinos are spread around this Spanish area in the province of Palencia. There was a time that this area had a strong agricultural identity, nowadays, after the current industrial developments, this identity has shifted. The life style has radically changed and the towns are somehow shrinking in its population.


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materials and building techniques Edit

The challenges were broad to make this project possible. There were times where the inhabitants of Moratinos were a bit skeptical about the project, fearing it could be too different for the context. The project is not a conventional one, but still manages to respect the context and the winery cellar. An innovative yet sensitive project.

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earth and climate Edit

Earth and climate, landscape and natural environment were practically ruling the main requirements for the project. Soil with a very strong thermal inertia which was used as a shelter and isolation, and as warm refuge during colder seasons.


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Project details
Project name: CASTLE WINERY
Description: The project develops the reform and adequacy of a "bicentenary"
Category: work & business
Design: Fernando Moral / Moral Arquitectura
Building status: in use
Construction period: 2012
Location: Moratinos (Palencia), Spain
Coordinates: 42°21'39.1'' N, 4°55'37.7'' W
Tags: clay, climate, earth, landscape
Project ID: 348
Published: 22 April 2013
Last updated: 15 May 2013
(images have individual licenses)
CC Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike
CC Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike
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