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Nicholas Kaspareck
Goals and motivations
The inspiration to disrupt the traditional design practice and take action in the field of community development came from my Nigerian great uncle, who gave me the name Asika. In the Igbo dialect Asika means "together we are great". I'm an architect and social entrepreneur who is motivated by creating places where communities can come together to share knowledge and make an impact. My background in international real estate combined with my experience in sustainable development has given me the opportunity to create value chains that empower local communities to become the protagonists of their own change. My vision is to make sustainability truly accessible to everyone, by co-creating new design & build models founded on principles of environmental regeneration, social inclusivity and economic development.
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Member since:
11 November 2022
Last login:
14 June 2024
English, Spanish, Italian
Fields of expertise:
economy and business, architecture/ design, sustainability , education
Available for:
Hands, Design, Planning & Management, Financial advice
Find me on:
Marley Coffee Farm, Blue Mountains, Jamaica
GC2022 finalist
KuNa, Construyendo Sueños
El Astillero, Tola, Nicaragua
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