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Raghav Kumar
Goals and motivations
Hello! I am an architect turned natural builder. Nothing in nature exists alone. I believe that our collective effort bears an unprecedented transformational power. I moved to the rural pastures: To live deliberately. To observe nature and learn from it. To rediscover our suppressed instincts. To create something beautiful with our own hands. To forge new bonds and strengthen old ones. To explore, heal and nurture each other's human potential. To be our authentic selves. To dream collectively and express ourselves creatively. To co-conspire a more inclusive and sustainable world we know is possible. We have nothing but good times ahead. I'm so excited about this adventure and can't wait to discover what we can do together. I am the co-founder of Tiny Farm Lab, a design, research, and build studio working at the intersection of art, design, science, architecture, and sustainability. Our rural studio is nestled in a remote forest in Rishikesh, India. We are currently building the House of Biomaterials with our labor of love to bring out newer perspectives and developments. I am the host of the Tiny Farm Friends Podcast, where we have long-form conversations with people using the best of their abilities to foster a more inclusive and beautiful world.
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Member since:
4 November 2022
Last login:
23 August 2023
English, Hindi
Fields of expertise:
architecture/ design, hands-on, sustainability
Available for:
Design, Materials
Find me on:
The House of Biomaterials
Rishikesh, India
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