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Marta Petteni
Goals and motivations
I strongly believe in design as a powerful tool for social change. In a world with increasing inequities, climate change, and natural disasters, my goal is to use design to address the needs of undeserved and historically marginalized communities and help build more resilient, equitable and just futures. Since 2015, I have worked on a variety of research and design-build projects in Italy, Spain, Ecuador, Fiji and the United States, covering various roles – as a team member of for-profit and nonprofit organizations, as an independent consultant, and an adjunct professor at Portland State University.
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Member since:
7 September 2022
Last login:
14 December 2022
Italian, English, Spanish
Fields of expertise:
architecture/ design, disaster relief, hands-on, energy and climate, education
Available for:
Hands, Design, Planning & Management
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