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Suparna Ghosh & Jensil John
Goals and motivations
As architects and designers it is imperative that buildings we design are sensitive to the environment and their context. Good design in my opinion does not compete with its site but instead complements it – whether it is architecture or interiors. To be able to creatively use material to make an environmentally sensitive design would be my dream project. I have recently completed a school project in rural Madhya Pradesh that uses only local materials and local skillsets where the building works as an educational tool for the society through its construction process. The project uses local stone masonry, potted filler slabs (pots for which are made by local potters in the village) and passive cooling systems. This is the closest I have gotten to my dream project – where material and environment are the main design factors keeping in mind societal and people centric approaches. My dream would be to be able to work on projects like these more regularly which unfortunately in our current market come only once in a while to our studio. It is my dream to be able to create good contemporary design using local knowhows in a more innovative way.
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22 July 2021
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3 August 2021
Hindi, English, Italian
Fields of expertise:
architecture/ design, construction, renovation and rehabilitation, urbanism, sustainability
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Design, Planning & Management
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Adharshila School Extension Project
Agara Village, Sheopur District, Madhya Pradesh, India
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