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Andrea Jelic
Goals and motivations
INTEGRA Filder e.V. is a non-profit association that works with its intercultural team, many volunteers and in a network of associations and organizations of various orientations for peaceful coexistence for all people, regardless of origin, religion, gender and age. Our goals: Equal participation of all people in societal, social and political areas, regardless of origin, gender and age Education and equality of opportunity for all people Promotion and implementation of sustainable societal, social, cultural and ecological development and climate protection through practical action on site Creation of sustainable open green spaces / gardens as a local recreation area and meeting point for city residents Next goal: "Public open space" construction of a sustainable and open intercultural garden house called "Culthäusle" ("Häusle" is a word in the local Swabian dialect, it means "small house) in our "INTEGRA garden"
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Member since:
21 July 2021
Croatian, English, Arabic, Turkish, German, French
Fields of expertise:
anthropology, education, sustainability , architecture/ design, landscape architecture
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 meeting place
Filderstadt-Plattenhardt, Germany
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