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Arjun Trivedi
Goals and motivations
I am the founder of Karunar Kheti Trust, a non-profit organization based in one of the tea plantations of Assam. We are working in the interconnected fields of Education-Health-Livelihoods with the tea plantation communities of Assam. Our approach is to build group-up community driven initiatives and work towards the empowerment of tea plantation labour communities. Our method involves participatory processes and tapping into local wisdom and resources, in all aspects of our work. As an outcome of this, our communities have designed specific initiatives responding to local needs with local resources, one of which is our school classroom-designed and led by architects who are experts in the field of community-driven architecture. As an organization, we boldly align with the vision of Architecture-in-Development and want to be a part of its like-minded global network of people, as we ground ourselves at the grassroots of development. We aspire to collaborate in projects that humanise and contextualise our built environments, in a way that allows us to make our model school joyful, non-alienating as well as aspirational for our children. We also seek ideas for collaborations around our livelihoods and health initiatives. Through this platform, we welcome any fundraising support which would help us transform our vision into a reality.
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Member since:
19 July 2021
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27 September 2023
English, Hindi
Fields of expertise:
education, health and sanitation, sociology, sustainability
Available for:
Planning & Management, Law & Politics, PR & Marketing
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GC2021 finalist
A School Built By the People, For The People
Jorhat, India
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