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Dhanya Rajagopal
Goals and motivations
I chose my profession when I was a naive teenager to be able to create spaces for people to enjoy using. Simply put. However since then, I have grown to appreciate and understand problem solving as a key motivation of my profession as an urban designer and architect. Aspects of urban complexities like social justice issues, funding and maintenance in the use of public spaces, comfort and safety in design, ownership, health and crime prevention through environmental design are pf particular interest to me. I especially enjoy observing people interacting with urban elements and creating their own spaces. In our organisation and my personal projects, responsible community engagement and PAR methods for collecting local information is used. I also enjoy creating DATA in the form of maps and research exercises to be accessed by all. I am currently working on a Coastal Commons management and mapping of cultural landscapes along the coastlines in Chennai together with the Fishing Communities in Kottivakkam and Thiruvanmiyur Kuppam. Would love to collaborate on these lines with interested community members or practitioners.
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Member since:
19 July 2021
Last login:
2 November 2021
English, Hindi, Polish
Fields of expertise:
architecture/ design, sustainability , urbanism, hands-on, health and sanitation
Available for:
Finance, Hands, Design, Planning & Management, Technique, PR & Marketing
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 urban planning
Reclaiming Community Commons through DIT Toolkit
Chennai, India
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