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Shraddha H Nivasa
Goals and motivations
I am an Architect at Nivasa. We are an Architectural NGO that is trying to bridge the gap between the two sections of the society; one where men & women live in scanty, about-to-collapse, abysmal living conditions and the other that has access to the marvels of modern day knowledge and awareness about design sensitivity and technological awareness. Being sensitive to local cultures, economies and social structures, we aim to empower the urban and rural poor by providing humane and dignified housing solutions.
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Member since:
6 July 2021
Last login:
12 April 2022
English, Hindi
Fields of expertise:
architecture/ design, construction
Available for:
Design, Planning & Management, Technique
Find me on:
Project Suitcase - Manchenahalli
Rayanakkalu village, Manchenahalli Gram Panchayat, India
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