Yutaka Sho
Goals and motivations
I am a co-founder of General Architecture Collaborative, an architecture and landscape architecture design firm working mainly in Rwanda, committed to serve underrepresented, underfunded and vulnerable communities. Our goal is to bring together individuals and organizations interested in contributing to innovative, impactful and empowering design projects that build sustainable and socially equitable spaces, with communities who might benefit most from these projects. We work to ensure that a community’s needs and aspirations are part of the design process and reflected in the spaces we create. Our approach to collaboration is grounded in 1) community engagement, 2) training & education, 3) design research & innovation, and 4) sustainability.
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Member since:
5 July 2021
Last login:
8 August 2021
Japanese, English
Fields of expertise:
architecture/ design, construction, hands-on, education, energy and climate, health and sanitation, landscape architecture, sustainability
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Transforming Learning Spaces in Rwanda
Muhanga, Rwanda
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