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Rodelon Ramos
Goals and motivations
Growing up in a country beleaguered with many challenges related to planning, housing, and urbanization, I have come to realize how my profession can be part of the upliftment of those who have fallen through the cracks. Majority of the world's design professions (and design-based industries) are focused on serving the moneyed 10% - but what about the remaining 90%? Who takes care of their needs and problems? My combined experiences and learnings in humanitarian work, professional volunteerism, corporate work, and social innovation, brought me to develop new perspectives on architecture and its essence to achieve an equitable end in the built environment. I believe that architecture ought to have a conscience, and social consciousness.
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Member since:
21 June 2021
Last login:
2 November 2022
English, Filipino
Fields of expertise:
architecture/ design, construction, disaster relief, urbanism, sustainability
Available for:
Design, Planning & Management, Technique
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