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Katja Majcen
Goals and motivations
My goal is to gain experience in development planning. I am currently pursuing a Master degree in Sustainable Territorial Development, an interdisciplinary course in development economics, spatial planning, social psychology, impact evaluation etc. I have some work experience with self-sustainable communities, especially in the field of urban and peri-urban agriculture and would like to widen my knowledge and experience in this area. I am interested in working on urban issues related to rapid urbanisation and climate change and would like to contribute to sociological, planning projects of self-sustainability and resilience of societies, especially in cities.
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Member since:
7 November 2013
Last login:
23 April 2014
Based in:
Leuven , Belgium
English, French, German, Slovenian, Croatian, Italian
Fields of expertise:
architecture/ design, sociology, anthropology, urbanism
P.S. 216 Edible Schoolyard
New York , U.S.A.

15 December 2014
Edible Schoolyard
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