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Felicity Cain
Goals and motivations
I am an urbanist at heart. My research passion is the process of rapid urbanisation and I thrive of working in a global context. Most recently, my area of focus has been on informal settlements and refugee housing within existing urban environments. In particular, how these areas grow and adapt in light of influxes of populations. Inhabitants of urban informal settlements are affected disproportionately by the effects of climate change and war. However, I believe it is these areas that harness immense potential to build resilience. It is the potentials and strengths of these urban environments that I am interesting in understanding. At the smaller scale, my architectural motivation is centred around design that has a sense of place. In line with Utzon's teachings, I think a 'sense of place' is a fundamental value to people everywhere - in every city, every town, every neighborhood, and every culture.
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17 August 2013
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22 December 2016
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Sydney, Australia
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