Imke Leuken
Goals and motivations
Idealistic, generous, entrepreneurial, ambitious and motivated Innovative, creative, technical and spatial insight I have a strong fascination for humanitarian architecture; I believe successful development projects are not about putting a building in a community, but about building the community. Simultaneously I believe well-designed architecture can add value to the daily lives of human beings.
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Member since:
15 May 2013
Last login:
1 April 2016
Based in:
Dutch, English, German, Portuguese
Fields of expertise:
architecture/ design
Find me on:
Río Cedro House
Río Cedro, Colombia
Rural Bayview Village
Bayview, U.S.A.
 emergency shelter
Hyderabad, Pakistan
Lima, Peru
Luzira School
Kampala, Uganda
PREVI Case Study 1: Zamora Family House
Lima, Peru

14 April 2014
PREVI: The Zamora Family House

15 March 2014
PREVI Experimental Housing Project
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