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Job Nieman
Goals and motivations
MITIN is an organisation that has been created by former students and teachers of the Javeriana University, who have worked on the development projects in Palomino Guajira. The group is formed by enthousiasts who after the academical experience want to keep on working on these projects. The focus is on the development of new urban strategies through acupuncture-like interventions in communities where there are almost no resources and little possibilities. Activating cultural activities, directed mostly to children, and creating the infrastructure that can allow these activities to be done. Looking for alternative ways to create urban renewal, like the building of a network of waterless toilets. Low cost high impact projects, which are developed in a continuing manner, not just once, but returning and improving, learning and building each trip.
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Member since:
6 September 2011
Last login:
11 December 2012
Based in:
Bogotá, Colombia
Fields of expertise:
architecture/ design, hands-on, education, urbanism
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Palomino, Building a Society.
Palomino, Colombia
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Palomino Border
Palomino, Guajira, Colombia
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