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Federica Garofalo
Goals and motivations
Life lover and hard worker, very eclectic and dynamic person. Personal strong interest for Sustainable Development in Developing Countries connected to the role of architecture, but at the same time very open minded, communicative and naturally curious, constantly looking for something new to learn connected to any field. I believe in sharing, cooperation and coordination as a beneficial end catalyst potential. Especially, share knowledge with populations that have so much to offer, but just don't have the means to develop.
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Member since:
15 February 2012
Last login:
11 November 2015
Based in:
Delft, Netherlands
Italian, English, Spanish, Dutch
Fields of expertise:
architecture/ design
Find me on:
 recreation & sport
Grande Hotel Beira
Beira, Mozambique
Casa Chuy
Leon, Mexico
Incubadora Social ITESM-Bancomer
Leon, Mexico
Quarter Library in Katì Cokò
Bamako, Mali
 meeting place
Socio-Cultural Center
Bobodioulasso , Burkina Faso
Collective School in Fansirà Corò
Yelekebougou, Mali
Community School in N'Tyeani
N'tyeani, Mali

18 November 2015
Between formal and informal practice: a case study in Curitiba, Brasil

15 March 2014
Community School in N'Tyeani
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