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Changfang Luo
Goals and motivations
I'm a researcher, designer, curator and creative director interested in a more socially engaged, human centered development of media, urban issues, architecture & design disciplines.
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Member since:
30 June 2011
Last login:
11 March 2022
Based in:
Amsterdam, Netherlands
English, Dutch, Chinese
Fields of expertise:
Find me on:
Habitat initiative cabo delgado
Cabo Delgado, Mozambique
 emergency shelter
Bamboo Dome Structure
Ramsar, Iran
 religion & memorial
San Isidro Chapel
Oaxaca, Mexico
Nqibikan Village Reconstruction
Yogyakarta, Indonesia
 recreation & sport
Sport City
Oaxaca de Juárez, Mexico
 recreation & sport
Rural Sports Center
San Pedro Apóstol, Oaxaca, Mexico
Tipu Sultan Merkez
Jar Maulwi, Pakistan
 meeting place
Colombes, France
Amsterdam, IJburg, Netherlands
 meeting place
Pavilions For Okana
Okana Road, Kenya
 work & business
Post CS
Amsterdam, Netherlands
 meeting place
El Cabuyal, Ecuador
 recreation & sport
Million Donkey Hotel
Prata Sannita, Italy

30 November 2020

15 March 2021
Exploring New Forms of Collaboration through Do-It-together (DIT) Architecture

12 January 2021
Why the new Do-It-Together architecture has radical potential

8 September 2014
10 examples to learn about the next generation architecture

10 February 2015
What architects can do in a bottom-up practice?
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