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Gianluca Stasi
Goals and motivations
Our goal is the creation of physical and mental spaces at service of local communities. Autonomous spaces that once started may persist over time in positive and purposeful cycles. To achieve this, our proposals attempts to incorporate the materials, the technologies, the traditions, but above all the social dynamics that already exist in the territory, the only ones that can give meaning and life to the project beyond the inauguration. So from the beginning we do not care not only about the constructive aspect, but also the organizational and management.
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Member since:
10 January 2012
Last login:
21 April 2019
Based in:
Seville, Spain
Italian, Spanish, English
Fields of expertise:
architecture/ design, hands-on
Find me on:
 emergency shelter
Emergency Shelters
Baninajar Refugee Camp, Khuzestan, Iran
 meeting place
“Sorbole” - Urban garden’s equipment
Seville, Spain
 meeting place
laTren - elNodo Participatory Cultural Center
Saltillo, Mexico
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