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Jenni Reuter
Goals and motivations
Ukumbi* is a Finnish non-governmental organization established in 2007. Our mission is to offer architectural services to communities in need. Ukumbi believes that architecture can be a powerful way to mitigate poverty in the 3rd World. We help the women, children and young people in these communities build the shelters, schools and orphanages they desperately need. With the help of your donations Ukumbi can help these communities build – not only their physical environment, but also their dignity and self-esteem. Our architectural strategy employs the use of local and traditional architectural techniques and customs during the planning and the construction process. By working with local volunteers within the community Ukumbi is able to maintain the cultural integrity of its projects and gain the support of the community. Ukumbi empowers communities by involving them. Ukumbi’s architectural projects are ecologically sustainable. We use locally manufactured, recycled or grown building materials whenever possible and strive to have a low carbon footprint.
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Member since:
4 November 2011
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25 November 2022
English, Finnish, Swedish, French
Fields of expertise:
architecture/ design
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 meeting place
Women's center
Rufisque, Senegal
Tikau Village House
Odisha, India
Hostels for girls, Iringa region, Tanzania
Iringa region, Tanzania
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