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Pill-A Pill-A.Com
Goals and motivations
Pill-A is born in Florence, but it is all over the place. It is meant to represent a refreshingly new space on everything Architecture (going possibly beyond the strictest disciplinary boundaries).Pill-A wants to distance itself from the feverish flow of information that has come to distinguish the world of Architecture on the internet. That is why it offers a weekly reflection on what is the quality work that is done in Architecture (which needs proper time and space to be perceived). Pill-A seeks out its projects among the ones that maybe haven’t found the coverage they deserve yet. Pill-A is an “amplifier” of projects and a contemporary archive, a gatherer of all the identities that converge on it . Its ambition is never to reach a stable spot but to constantly evolve and transform itself thanks to the exchange with you. Pill-A is intuition generates unexpected reactions through visual and auditive pairings. Pill-A is relatively easy to swallow, but potentially out of control in its (side)effects. Be on the Pill-A!
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Member since:
26 October 2011
Fields of expertise:
architecture/ design
 emergency shelter
Bamboo Dome Structure
Ramsar, Iran
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