Board of advisors

Ole Bouman

general strategy

Ole is the founding director of Shekou Design Museum, China, focusing on creative leadership and value creation in design and architecture.

Stef van Dongen

business development

Stef van Dongen is an innovator and impact-driven entrepreneur, in 2002 he founded social enterprise ENVIU.


Eduard Burer

people strategy

Eduard Burer is founder of 'Recruit for Good' which offers talent development services for purpose-driven impact organizations, he is a psychologist by education and the founding director of recruitment of THNK, School of Creative Leadership.

Geert Lovink

network strategy

Geert Lovink is the founding director of the Institute of Network Cultures, whose goals are to explore, document and feed the potential for socio-economical change of the new media field.

Ralph Boeije


Ralph has a drive and enthusiasm for innovation and is co-founder of Part-up.

Jason Moses

business development

Jason is fouding director of With a base in architectural design and international business, he is driven by developing solutions to our world's most difficult challenges that are people-centered, scaleable, and can self-replicate.