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by Architecture in Development, 7 December 2018
How many community building projects are carried out per year?
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Since founding AiD, we have featured many community based architecture as a result of great local-global collaboration. Thanks to today's hyper connectivity, it becomes easier than ever to connect, share ideas, skills or personal assets globally. Today collaboration is more fluid and an increasing number of individuals and organisations seek opportunities to participate in community architecture projects that sustain and strengthen local culture and tradition.

The question is: how many community building projects are happening, world-wide, per year? How many people and organisations are working in this field? And what difference have these community projects made?

To put our finger on it, we’d like to research the size of interest in community architecture, and visualise the volume of world-wide community building initiatives and the number of people who want to contribute to an architecture that puts people first, not icons.

Join the survey [here] and help connect the dots of this new practice!

We will publish the survey results early next year. Check one of the surveys that we’ve done [here].