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by Architecture in Development, 1 March 2017
Tips and tools for #FutureArchitects
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What kind of architect will you be in 2020? Do you wait for phone calls from potential clients, or go out and talk to people to find out meaningful design challenges?

As the architectural practice is evolving and interests are shifting towards community-driven architecture, we are curious, at AiD, about the roles of #FutureArchitects in this changing landscape. These dynamics and shifts hold a special meaning for us as we are working on developing tools to #Buildify the initiatives of five pioneering #FutureArchitects.

We have thus invited our community of future (and established) architects to participate in a small survey and share their vision regarding the future of the architecture practice and the tools they see as key in the future. We had 73 enthusiastic respondents participating in our survey and sharing some wonderful insights on how they envision the future of the architecture practice.

More than half expressed their preference for a community-based hands-down approach to architecture and see themselves either building with communities or advocating for their interests. To this end, collaboration tools would be critical as almost half of our respondents confirmed when asked about the tools that are becoming key for their practice.

These results and more details are compiled in the visuals below.


Q 1: What kind of architects do you see yourself becoming?

Future Architects Survey Infographics


 Q 2: What tools are becoming key for your practice and future projects?

Future Architects Survey Infographics

Future Architects Survey Infographics

Future Architects Survey Infographics

Future Architects Survey Infographics


We also had great pleasure to read your quotes and comments that reflect the diversity and breadth of the issues of our community of future architects. We have picked some to share with you below, and will upload all the quotes to our facebook album #FutureArchitects.

Leave us your comments, message us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram: let us know what you think and how the results and quotes correspond to or diverge from your own vision of #FutureArchitects.

Happy reading!