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by Architecture in Development, 3 November 2016
What They Say About Future Architects
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Architecture in Development (AiD) is turning five years old and we are very excited to celebrate this great milestone with you! In these five years, AiD has grown to become one of the leading global platforms dedicated to socially sustainable architecture.

But our ambition goes beyond a knowledge sharing platform. As the architectural practice is evolving and interests are shifting towards community-driven architecture, we are more and more curious, at AiD, about the new roles of architects in this changing landscape. We are also busy envisioning how #FutureArchitects view their practices and developing tools to #Buildify their project initiatives.

We have started a moodboard of #FutureArchitects and have reached out to some of our influential practitioners to hear their insights and aspirations on #FutureArchitects.

What They Say About Future Architects:


Al Borde
"All the answers can be found on site, right in the territory where a project is being developed. So be aware of the context that surrounds you and involve as many local people as possible in the design and construction processes." - David Barragán, Al Borde, Ecaudor.


agora architects
"Stay alert but don't get too carried away by the so called "Architectural Establishment". There is so much work out there for Architects, just go and grab it.” - Jan Glasmeier, A.go.ra architects, Thailand/ Burma.


Lab Pro Fab
"The interest is to get close to the case studies in a different manner, these are not assigned projects but are self-determination and search for opportunities processes." - Alejandro Haiek,, Venezuela.


Buildign Trust International
Open, collaborate, and most importantly see opportunity everywhere.” - David Cole, Building Trust International, UK.


Mass Design Group
"Every design decision you make carries consequences for people. Be sure you help rather than hurt. Ask yourself: how can the design process invest in the community's dignity?" - Nancy Mendoza, Mass Design Group, USA.


"Do it with 'Love' and 'Sincerity', in turn, what you do will be loved by the people." - Vipavee Kunavichayanont, Design for Disasters, Thailand.


Bambu Social
"Think local: local resources and relevance are the foundation for resilient and sustainable design solutions." - Max Verhoeven, Bambu Social, the Netherlands.


Future Architects Poll

We have also gathered ideas from our community members about the ambitions and challenges they face in their practice as architects.  

Below is the summary of the poll. Take this 2 minutes survey and let us know how we can support your dreams and practices. Have you say and take the poll!

What they say about Future Architects?

"we, architects, need to be more outdoor."

"What worries me is the lack of development of innovative thinking and experimentation, lack of creativity to address an outdated development model based on consumption and waste of resources, is sufficient basis to understand the architecture and production processes in general, they have ignored their social role..."

"Be on site, stay on site, let the site tell its secrets."

"repect the proces of devoloping, look at Laufen Manifestó, no complícate thinking."

"To design for people you have to be the people - 100%"


Don’t forget to react, tweet #FutureArchitects @A_I_D_ and share your own thoughts with us on our facebook page and Linkedin group!

Or have you say and take the poll!