Terms of use Global Challenge 2021


Thank you for your interest in participating in the Global Challenge 2021! Before you submit a project, we would like to lay down the rules that help keep the process running. Please take time to read these rules carefully to understand your rights and obligations.


First of all, this document is a supplement to the general 'Terms of Use' that you have agreed upon registration as a member of our community. 


You can only participate in the Global Challenge as a natural person: the ‘project owner’.  As a project owner you are responsible for all communication and content published on our platform regarding the project that you submitted.

You will update your project page regularly to inform your audience. We advise you to do so at least every 30 days. If you do not update your project page regularly, we may deactivate your page until there is an update. If no update takes place after deactivation, after 6 months your project page can be permanently deleted. As a project owner, you are obliged to compensate any lose to us (or the 3rd party) caused by this.  

Once your project is realized, its status will be changed from ‘Challenge’ to ‘Inspiration’. You will initially remain its main author with the option to change or add other authors who also have access to edit your project page. All initial information of the Global Challenge - including updates, partners and project info - will remain accessible online. 

Once the project is changed from ‘Challenge’ to ‘Inspiration’, a comments section will be added that enables other members of our community to leave comments.