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One of the reasons why I have always wanted to work in altruistic projects, especially the ones that are focus on sustainability, it is because I feel that one of my mission in life is to serve others. I have been fortunate in being a person full of opportunities to travel and see the world and this has given me the opportunity to know cultural diver-sity, I’ve also had the opportunity to study Architecture, and when I think of how to build inevitably I’m convinced that the option I choose to develop is sustainable con-struction and social responsibility. Another area which is part of the shaft of my life, is the deep sense of faith and spiritual connection that I see the world, recognising that we are all one, my life purpose is consolidated to collaborate with the welfare of my surroundings, I know that life always puts me in the right path to develop my potential and I’m convinced that this experience will allow me to be an excellent active observ-er to incorporate and share knowledge to continue working with the balance of our planet. I was travelling for 2 1/2 years, and i saw incredible things around the globe, about urban planing, caos and how our architecture point of view have the power to change and help this world. I believe that humanity must unite to meet global challenges with sustainable solutions. I understand that we gain peace, harmony & happiness through serving others, ourselves, and Earth. I'm really interested in refugees, humanitarian action in urban markets, etc...

I am available for 20 hours per month.

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Profession: architect
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