The practice of social design: Lab.Pro.Fab
Wednesday 13 August 2014
*contributed by Alan Kadduri (visit profile page)

"The level of innovation and civic engagement in South America continues to surprise me, or should I say impress me, since the continent is full of great initiatives, which has received far too little attention and recognition in my part of the world", an elaborated case study about the Venezuelan practice LAB.PRO.FAB (Project and Fabrication Laboratory) and their socio-cultural architectural practice. Reported by Alan Kadduri.



Treasure Hill Symbiotic Settlement
Tuesday 17 June 2014
*contributed by YT LIN (visit profile page)

Treasure Hill Symbiotic Settlement has marked an important stage of bottom-up place-making in Taipei over the past decade. After preservation and restoration, this informal settlement where veterans accommodated themselves in self-constructed houses has transformed into a Symbiotic Settlement with original inhabitants and artist in residence. Read the whole story >

Tuesday 17 June 2014
*contributed by Shortsighted Architecture (visit profile page)

Under the project name BAMBÚ SOCIAL, Shortsighted Architecture designed a pilot for sustainable social housing in El Rama, Nicaragua, developing a building method by the use of the widely available resource bamboo. This building method can be practiced in a completely local manner: from the production and treatment of bamboo to the execution of bamboo pre-fab elements that can be used in local construction. Read the whole story >

Disaster Resilience Housing and Self-construction
Monday 16 June 2014
*contributed by Micro Home Solutions (mHS) City Labs (visit profile page)

Even as incremental housing is an organic and inherently bottom-up process, the complexities with self-construction of housing is that it is by its very nature an unregulated process, and often results in large gaps in safety and health. Design and technical expertise are entirely dependent on local knowledge, stemming largely from the mason who is the cornerstone of the project. He is the architect, builder, engineer, contractor, and in some cases, the materials supplier as well. And yet...

Espai Germanetes: Activating Vacant Space in the Middle of Barcelona
Wednesday 11 June 2014
*contributed by Tere García (visit profile page)

The Eixample Esquerre is a monotone district of Barcelona. In 2013, the city council launched an initiative which gave local citizens the opportunity to transform vacant plots into vibrant spaces. The winning proposal was to develop a community plan and promote collective experiences within the neighbourhood by transforming...

Primary School Gangouroubouro
Thursday 15 May 2014
*contributed by Foundation Dogon Education (visit profile page)

In the open plain near the Malian village Gangouroubouro, a new primary school was designed for the Foundation Dogon Education. The architecture of the school reflects the search for a connection to the local building traditions, culture and function. Read the whole story >

Earthbags Children Centre
Tuesday 13 May 2014
*contributed by ARCò (visit profile page)

For the Bedouin Community living in West Bank, this the Um al Nasser Children's Center (The Children's Land) is to restore and promote the identity linked to the "Tent society", using the "earthbags" technique, a "do-it-yourself" construction technique that had been already used by the community. Read the whole story >

Gen Educational Farm
Tuesday 13 May 2014
*contributed by Mi Parque (visit profile page)

22 kilometres East of Antofagasta, there is an oasis called Gen Farm. Due to its distinctive tree plantation and vegetation in the middle of the desert, the installation is easily recognizable from distance. The farm is a community-based initiative, dedicated to a sustainable cultivation and development of green spaces, adapted to local weather adversities. Read the whole story >

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