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(This content is still in development. You are welcome to suggest or advise by emailing us

It's simple to add a new project to the interactive map; you just have to follow these steps:

Step 1. Register/ or Log in;

Step 2. Go to the tab MY A.I.D.;

Then click 'MY PROJECTS/ CALL FOR A.I.D.' and then click 'add a new project';

Step 3. A pop-up window appears: please pay attention to the messages. Your project will be reviewed before it can be published. If you're sure about the relevancy of your content, please go ahead (to step 4). Otherwise, we strongly advise you to contact us first;

Step 4. Fill in the required (red) fields;

-    a project name;
-    short description about the project (max. 64 characters/ incl. spaces);
-    select the 'category' your project fits in (education, public, housing etc.);
-    select the 'building state' (under construction, in use etc.);
-    country and city (or villiage);
-    select one or more keywords (max. 5). This feature will relate your project to other projects;
-    you need a main image to cover the project page, the minimal size of this image is
     640×410px (you can also upload a bigger image, and then 'crop' the image after uploaded);
-    the exact location of the project. You can fill in the coordinates or just drag the marker to the
     right location on the map;

Step 5. Now your project will be pending and will be published and visible to everyone as soon as it's approved!

(This content is still in development. You are welcome to suggest or advise by emailing us


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